Car Seat Gap Filler

Block the gap between your car seats easily and avoid dropping coins and your phone in hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Towbar Shin Protector

The tow-bar shin protector will do exactly what its name implies, stop you from painfully bashing your shin on your tow-bar.

Paw Activated Mat

Easily stop your dog from sleeping on the sofa. This paw activated mat emits a harmless yet extremely irritating 85 decibel alarm.

Broom Slide Stopper

A universal 'stop that sliding pole' device that attaches to any broom or mop and prevents it from sliding off the edge of a counter or table.

Road Rage LED

Have a bit of fun with your road rage, thank people for letting you in, apologise for cutting people off, communicate your message easily.

Kink Proof Hose

Kinked tangled hoses will be a thing of the past with this polypropylene double helix exterior hose which resists kinks and knots.

Tangle Free Earphones

You're likely to already be bored, tired or annoyed when taking out your earphones. Avoid frustrating untangling sessions with tangle free zipbuds.

Wind Proof Umbrella

Windproof in wind speeds up to 70 mph. Unique aerodynamic design means you can rely on this umbrella to do the job on cold windy mornings.

Front Seat Dog Barrier

The easiest way to stop your dog jumping into the front seat. This will save you some rage and maybe a even prevent a crash.

LED Light Dimmers

We're surrounded by electronics and their tiny LED lights. They're often annoyingly bright, especially in the dark. Dim them with light dim stickers.

Rug Corner Curl Stop

Here's how to stop your rug corners curling. Curled corners look ugly and can easily be tripped over. This clever product solves the problem.

Seat Belt Alarm Stop

Here's a simple way of stopping your seat belt alarm from dinging. These exceed Federal Safety Standards with a break strength of over 3000 lbs.

Sofa Bed Bar Protector

Block those bars from digging into your back. Folds up for easy storage behind your sofa or can be used to support sagging cushions.

Fart Filter Underwear

Underwear that filters flatulence. Using activated carbon cloth, this awesome underwear removes malodorous gasses from your farts.

Telezapper T900

Emits a special tone which communicates to telemarketer's computers that you're number is disconnected, removing you from their lists.

Stove Gap Cover

Block the gap between your stove and counter top. Heat-resistant plastic with magnetic strip holds it flush to the side of your oven.

Non Ticking Clock

Ticking clocks are ok until night comes and the house falls silent. Snooze without being bothered by annoying ticking with a non-ticking clock.

Auto Lift Toilet Seat

No more arguments. This seat senses you coming and raises the lid. Wave your hand over the sensor to lift the seat. Drops down when you leave.

Annoying Dog Dazer

Sick of your neighbor's dog yapping? With this ultrasonic dazer, you can stop the barking without stress, yelling or confrontation.

TV B Gone

Turn off loud annoying TVs in bars and restaurants. This device has the ability to turn off all televisions, giving you some peace and quiet.

Beach Stash Safe

Keep your phone, keys and cash safe in this sunscreen stash safe. Go for a swim and enjoy yourself without stressing about your stuff.

Anti Snore Pillow

Its contoured design cradles the head to create optimal breathing alignment. This is the only pillow approved as a medical device by the FDA.

Dog GPS Tracker

This tracker attaches to your dog's collar, pinpoints their location, and sends email and text notifications if they ever wander off.

Toast Proof Alarm

Optical photoelectric sensor means it's less responsive to cooking fumes. Fry and bake in peace without having to fan your smoke detector

Spillproof Keyboard

Spills, dirt, dust, grime, life happens and this keyboard is ready. Washable and designed with long lasting keys that can take a pounding.

Sound Muffling Mask

The Dream Helmet Sleep Mask blocks out light, noise and discomfort, making it perfect for travel, camping or in any noisy environment.

Anti Theft Lunch Bags

A zip lock may hold in freshness but it won't stop fridge thieves from making off with your lunch. Make your sandwich an undesirable option.

Both Ways USB

The Flipper USB adapter means no looking, no thinking, no trying and no guessing. Just stick it in without ever getting it wrong.

Liquor Lock

Keep your alcohol safe from free loaders. Set the combination, twist the top to secure, and be assured that your favorite wines and liquors are secure.

Gripper Chair Cushions

If you're wondering how to stop your chair cushions from sliding, check out these gripper chair cushions. No strings, no movement, no worries.

Bed Roll Stoppers

This is the cheapest and easiest way to stop your bed from rolling. Bed casters or 'rollers' are extremely annoying but easy to stop.

Table Cloth Clamps

Windproof your table cloth and stop your it from slipping and sliding around with a set of these plastic adjustable table cloth clips.