Quick Pitch Tent

The quick pitch '2 second' tent pitches in 2 seconds, putting an end to the frustration and hassle of pitching regular tents.

Mirror Fog Wiper

Clear fog from your mirror easily after a shower. This mirror fog clearer sticks on with a suction cup, and is much easier than using a towel.

Hands Free Trash Can

Easily throw your leftovers and other trash away without the awkwardness and bad odors caused by most other trash cans.

No Drip Umbrella

The No Drip Umbrella has a special retractable cover, which seals in drips to keep your car, home and office dry.

Easy Potato Masher

No more bashing and smashing away at your potatoes. This rotating potato masher simply rotates to do the job more easily and 50% faster.

Wireless Mail Alert

The Mail Alert System gives both audible and visual notification. No more checking the mailbox, just glance at your mail chime.

EZ Load TP Holder

The EZ-Load toilet paper holder has spring hinges to make unloading and reloading your toilet paper quick and easy.

Mattress Tote

Carrying a mattress can be an awkward, difficult task. Just slip these sling straps onto the mattress to make it a whole lot easier.

Strawberry Pitter

With multiple uses, the strawberry stem remover makes short work of prepping fresh berries. Will also core tomatoes and similar soft foods.

Perfect Temp Dials

No more adjusting the taps while having one hand under the water. Just one turn gets you the perfect shower water temperature.

Vacuum Dustpan

The vacuum dustpan's infrared detectors sense your filth pile, activating cyclonic suction. No need to get down on your knees to sweep up filth.

Beer Pouch Hoodie

The beer pouch hooded sweatshirt saves you from balancing your beer in unsafe positions and spilling your precious beer everywhere.

Smartphone Holder

Avoid suction cups on your windshield, the Bondi phone holder can hang of rear-views or anything else you'd like to hang your phone on.

Shower Curtain Clip

Stop shower splashes. Just position, peel, and stick the clips onto your wall or tile, then clip the curtain liner securely in place.

Washing Machine Shelf

This over-the-washer shelf gives you a stable and easy to access place to store your washing liquids and powders.

Corn Kerneler

The OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper features a container that catches the kernels as they are stripped from the cobs with stainless steel blades.

Funnel Cutting Board

Funnel keeps your food from pouring all over your stove or counter when trying to simply put it in your saucepan. Very simple, very practical.

Tapi Tap Fountain

Turn any faucet into a fountain. Hygienically drink or rinse your mouth straight from your tap, without worrying about dirty hands or cups.

Tent Light

Forget about flashlights, just get a light for your tent. This light attaches to your tent poles using built-in magnets.

Citrus Spray

Spray it, don't squeeze it. You can now easily spray citrus juice on your foods evenly, without the juice squirting out in random directions.

Shampoo Rinse Guard

Make shampooing during bath time easier. This clever head guard blocks shampoo from running into your child's eyes as you rinse.

Torch Umbrella

When things get dark, the path gets a little tricky, or you need a little light to avoid puddles or find your keys, the LED umbrella will light the way.

Tape Scissors

Tape Scissors cleverly integrate two vital parcel-wrapping tools into one easy unit. Your scissors and tape will never become separated again.

Sift and Toss

Lift, sift and toss it. Lets you quickly and easily remove your cats poop. You'll never have to scoop stenching cat turd nuggets ever again.

No Blindspot Mirror

The ALL VIEW panoramic rear-view mirror eliminates dangerous blind spots, giving you full awareness. The easiest way to avoid blind spots.

Car Seat Towel

Designed to fit a car seat, the car seat towel slips over your headrest to stay up rather than slide down behind your back like regular towels.

Fridge Monkey

A simple product that saves space and keeps bottles from sliding around on fridge shelves. Stack your beers up, leaving space for whatever else.

Light Up Slippers

A weight sensor activates the lights when the slippers are worn, and switches off 8 seconds after they're taken off, illuminates up to 25 feet.

Pet Doorbell Mat

Pressure-activated mat and wireless chime with adjustable volume and 30m (100ft) range. Lets you know when you're pet wants to be let in/out.

Leaf Loader

Clean up your yard in half the time. Requires less bending, scooping, raking and awkwardly picking up piles of leaves and other yard rubbish.

Hobo Eat Kit

Includes a knife, spoon, fork and bottle opener. The utensils can be separated. Gives your cutlery that "just throw it in your bag" vibe.

Last Drop Bottle Holder

Balance bottles easily in your cupboard or fridge and your bottles will always pour and squeeze with ease. The sides adjust to fit any bottle.