Hoodie Pillow Case

Hide away from the stresses around you. Block out light and sound without suffocating under a blanket. Perfect for snoozing during the day.

Yapping Dog Dazer

Use the latest ultra-sonic technology to teach the dog next door that its barking will not be tolerated. No need for rage or confrontation.

LED Light Dimmers

We're surrounded by electronics and their tiny LED lights. They're often annoyingly bright, especially in the dark. Dim them easily with LED dimmers.

Sofa Bed Bar Shield

Block sofa-bed bars from digging into your back. Folds up for easy storage behind your sofa or can also be used to support sagging sofa cushions.

Wrap A Nap

A pillow that hugs your head with gentle pressure, giving you the sweet relief of complete darkness, muffled noise and 360 degrees of pillow protection.

Door Gap Blocker

Simply stick one of these on to block the gap under your bedroom door so that annoying strip of light won't disturb your darkness.

Anti Snore Pillow

The only anti-snore pillow approved by the FDA. Its contoured design cradles the head to create optimal breathing alignment and stop snoring.

Non Ticking Clock

Ever had to remove the batteries from a clock to stop the ticking? Snooze without being bothered by annoying ticking with a non-ticking clock.

Telemarketer Zapper

Emits a special tone which communicates to telemarketer's computers that you're number is disconnected, removing you from their lists.

Ostrich Desk Pillow

The Ostrich pillow blocks out the noise, light and discomfort of your environment, allowing you to snooze wherever you feel the need.

Bass Boom Blocker

Kill your neighbours stereo thud. Boom Busters low frequency blocks unwanted bass from inconsiderate neighbours, bars, parties etc

Floor Squeak Stopper

This Squeak Ender Kit is supposed to be extremely easy to install. Put an end to annoying floor board creaking and squeaking.

Toilet Night Light

The toilet night light has a motion sensor, so it knows when to provide that little bit of light, and also when to switch off.

Under Blanket Fan

Slides up under your blankets to provide a flow of fresh cool air so you can sleep comfortably under a blanket on hot nights without overheating.

Toast Proof Detector

Burnt food will no longer disturb the peace with this optical photoelectric smoke alarm which is less responsive to cooking fumes.

Sound Blocking Mask

A sleep mask which muffles noise. Providing triple sensory protection, this sleep mask also comes with clever stash pockets.

Chillow Pillow

Cooling gel means the saying 'as cool as the other side of the pillow' doesn't apply to the chillow, which is most likely warmer on the other side.

Book Pillow

Sleep comfortably at work. Slide this dictionary desk pillow between other volumes on your shelf to hide its true purpose.

Car Seat Mattress

Sleep comfortably on the back seat of your car without hanging off the edge with this clever inflatable car backseat mattress.

Hoodie Travel Pillow

The hooded travel pillow allows you to arrive at your destination well rested, without the geeky look of regular travel pillows.