Pubic Transport Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow Light is a more lightweight and more compact version of the original. Lean on bus windows in comfort.

Biggest Bean Bag

The Giant Micro Suede Bean Bag Chair is the largest foam bag chair ever, filled with only the softest most comfortable shredded furniture foam.

Denim Sweatpants

The denim look without the discomfort while lounging around. 100% cotton, 2 pockets, open fly, elastic waistband with drawstring cord.

Hoodie Travel Pillow

A comfortable travel pillow that supports your head without be cumbersome or making you look ridiculous. Great for airplanes, cars and buses.

Waistband Expander

This waistband expander can get you back into your favorite pair of jeans by simply stretching the waist by as much a 5 inches.

Toilet Splash Silencer

This toilet conditioner silences splashes, and traps odors in the toilet, meaning you can go to the bathroom in peace.

Relax In Bed Pillow

The ultimate pillow for reading, using your laptop or watching TV in bed. Stuffing regular pillows behind your back doesn't provide the proper support.

Ostrich Desk Pillow

The Ostrich pillow blocks out the noise, light and discomfort of your environment, allowing you to snooze wherever you feel the need.

Umbrella Chair

A reclining sport chair with an umbrella which swivels 360 degrees for sun, rain or wind protection. Chair includes a cup holder, pouch, and a bottle opener.

Travel Nook

The Travel Nook pillow will cradle your head and neck with its inflatable side support cushions. Awesome for long flights and road trips.

Pillow Speaker

Speaker is positioned deep within the pillow for total comfort and optimal sound. No batteries needed, connects to any audio source.

Sound Blocking Mask

Muffle the noise of inconsiderate housemates, loud neighbors and traffic with the 'Dream Helmet' sound blocking sleep mask.

Hoodie Pillow Case

Hide away from the stresses around you. Block out light and sound without suffocating under a blanket. Perfect for snoozing during the day.

Back Seat Mattress

Sleep comfortably on the back seat of your car without hanging off the edge with this clever inflatable car backseat mattress.

Mousepad Lapdesk

Retractable mouse pad lets you use your mouse, so you won't be forced to use your laptop touch-pad whilst in bed or on your couch.

Balcony Desk

A table/shelf-combo with intgerated flower or ice box, can hook onto any railing, up to 60mm width. Great for your coffee, snack, laptop etc.

Rocking Sofa Chair

The comfort and generous dimensions of a sofa chair with the rock of a rocking chair. Fabric is resistant to moisture, stains and odors.

Towel For Car Seat

This towel designed to slip snugly and securely over your car seat won't slip and slide around underneath you while you drive.

Pillow Tie

The pillow tie may look a little gimmicky, but it actually appears to be a normal tie when not inflated, giving you an undetectable personal pillow.

Lazy Glasses

Glasses that let you watch tv or read whilst flat on your back. Avoid cramps and discomfort from propping your head up in awkward positions.

Inflatable Spa

Just take it out the box, plug it in, press a button, and watch it inflate. Made of durable 40 gauge PVC vinyl, comes with filter and heater.

Flip Flop Socks

If you're more concerned with comfort than your appearance and would like to be able to wear flip flops in cooler months, these are for you.

Console Armrest

Most consoles are too hard, too low and uncomfortable. This console armrest adds comfort without blocking access to the storage area.

Sleep Headphones

The world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping. Block out sound and doze off to some relaxing music without the discomfort of regular earphones.

Mist N Sip

Stay cool on hot days with the cooling mist spray of the Mist N Sip water bottle.

Water Hammock

Enjoy the comfort of lounging whilst staying in the water. Folds easily for compact storage. Durable material can double as a beach mat.

Bath Kneel Pad

Kneel comfortably while you bathe your kids. This clever bathroom floor cushion has storage pockets and folds up when not in use.

Chillow Pillow

The saying 'as cool as the other side of the pillow' doesn't apply to the chillow, which is most likely warmer on the other side.