Noise Blocking Mask

Muffle the noise of inconsiderate housemates, loud neighbors, street noise with the 'Dream Helmet', the original sound-muffling sleep mask.

Tangle Free Earphones

You're likely to already be bored, tired or annoyed when taking out your earphones. Avoid frustrating untangling sessions with tangle free zipbuds.

Wind Proof Umbrella

Windproof in wind speeds up to 70 mph. Unique aerodynamic design means you can rely on this umbrella to do the job in all weather conditions.

Ultrasonic Dog Dazer

Use the latest ultra-sonic technology to teach the dog next door that its barking will not be tolerated. No need for rage or confrontation.

Oven Burn Guards

With a set of Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards, you can reach into your oven without fear of your forearms brushing against scorching hot oven racks.

Hoodie Pillow Case

Hide away from the stresses around you. Block out light and sound without suffocating under a blanket. Perfect for snoozing during the day.

Front Seat Dog Barrier

If you struggle to push your dog back as he tries to join you in the front seat, this will save you some rage and could prevent a crash.

Flatulence Filter Underwear

Using activated carbon cloth, Shreddies underwear remove malodorous gases from the most severe flatulence. Be flatulent without the stress.

Road Rage LED

Turn stressful road rage moments into a fun times with this LED car sign. Communicate your message easily without yelling and raging.

Washable Keyboard

Spills, dirt, dust, grime, life happens and this keyboard is ready. Washable and designed with long lasting keys that can take a pounding.

Sofa Bed Bar Shield

Block those bars from digging into your back. Folds up for easy storage behind your sofa or can also be used to support sagging sofa cushions.

Annoying Bass Blocker

Kill your neighbor's stereo thud. This 'sound masker' emits white noise which blocks snoring, neighbor's bass and other obtrusive noises.

Broom Slide Stopper

A universal 'stop that sliding pole' device that attaches to any broom or mop and prevents it from sliding off the edge of a counter or table.

Never Soggy Bowl

Eating breakfast can seem like a race against time for people who hate soggy cereal. Eat at your own pace, no more soggy cereal.

Mirror Fog Wiper

Clear fog from your mirror easily after a shower. More effective than using your hand or a towel so you can see your face more clearly.

Quiet Hairdryer

Dry your hair without disturbing the peace. Great for early mornings or late nights when people are sleeping.

2 Second Tent

No more messing around with your tent. Tent rage is a bad start to a camping trip. Just toss it up in the air, stick the pegs in, and its done.

Rubbish Bag Dispenser

Replacing trash bags is a nuisance which can now be avoided. Simply lift it from the container and the next bag follows automatically.


A pillow that hugs your head with gentle pressure, giving you the sweet relief of complete darkness, muffled noise and 360 degrees of pillow protection.

Sun Visor Extenders

These not only cover those annoying gaps which allow sunshine to glare in your window, but the straps can also be used to hold sunglasses.

Seat Belt Alarm Stop

Does the dinging and chiming of your seat belt alarm bother you? These exceed Federal Safety Standards with a break strength of over 3000 lbs.

Onion Goggles

Eliminate the burn. The comfortable foam seals protect your eyes from harmful onion vapours for tear free chopping, dicing and slicing.

Under-Blanket Bed Fan

Slides up under your blankets to provide a flow of fresh cool air so you can sleep comfortably under a blanket on hot nights without overheating.

Car Seat Gap Filler

Block the gap between your car seats easily and avoid dropping coins and your phone in hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Waistband Stretcher

If you've put on a few pounds, or your pants have been shrunk in the wash, the waistband stretcher can bring them back to life, adding up to 5 inches.

Biggest Bean Bag

The Giant Micro Suede Bean Bag Chair is the largest foam bag chair ever, filled with only the softest most comfortable shredded furniture foam.

Screen Glare Glasses

Glasses that reduce computer screen glare and improves visual focus. These glasses minimize eye fatigue, visual stress and dry eyes.

Sandless Beach Mat

The beach mat with "one way sift" technology developed by the military. Sand and dirt fall straight through, giving you a sand free space on the beach.

Goggle Fog Wiper

Easily wipe the fog from the inside of your goggles or facemask without having to take them off with these magnetized fog wipers.

Privacy Bed Tent

Sharing a room doesn't have to mean giving up all of your privacy. The Privacy Pop is made to fit most common bed sizes perfectly.

Toilet Night Light

Your options aren't limited to glaringly bright light or total darkness. The toilet night light gives you the perfect level of illumination.

LED Dimmers

We're surrounded by electronics and their tiny LED lights. They're often annoyingly bright, especially in the dark. Dim them easily with LED dimmers.